Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Vallejo Model Air Basic Colors Acrylic Paint Set for Air Brush - Assorted Colours (Pack of 16) at Car model kits 1/12 and up; Car model kits 1/16 and up; Car model kits 1/24 and up; Car model kits 1/32 and up The set includes 8 acrylic colors in bottles of 17 ml / 0.57 fl. Hi Folks, A couple of months ago I was feeling pretty flush for cash so I treated myself to a paint set from Vallejo. (we’ll talk about price down the end as it’s about 2-3x the cost too). I’ve written a bit about using Vallejo Model color for hand painting and I wanted to post a mini review of the paints and share some tips I have learned over the years. Each bottle is 32ml (1.08 ounces) and has an excellent pour dropper which is angled. And I really hope I’m a component of assisting a superb product to be acquired by you. Product categories. The paints appear to be small as they are 8 fl.oz. Which made my arm very happy.. Includes four 32 ml bottles of metal color paints. ... Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – Basic Colors (x16) – 71178 Hmm. Free Shipping on USA Orders Over $100 (Lower 48 Only) is the USA's largest online hobby shop! Inside the box the paints are secured in a plastic tray. Given that they still need primer, it almost doesn't matter how good the mecha colors are if the primer doesn't stick. Collection of Vallejo Model Air Sets for painting models and miniatures. But are a pain in the arse.. I laid down a coat of Vallejo's #016 US Dark Green (aka 71.012 Dark Green) on a … Vallejo Model Paints. Since my review model is already primed with black primer, I skipped down to Step 3. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Oz. oz. This is a new line of weathering products from Vallejo and comes in several colours in 35ml plastic flip top containers with a similar opening/delivery system as the standard container with a small pin hole. Vallejo Model Color en Vallejo Panzer Aces zijn creme-ige, opake acrylverven in de natuurlijke … ... Dual construction Review: 72nd scale Russian Army Tractors Set: KZKT 537L & MAZ 537 from Takom. Products. Review by Bill Curtis (Sep 2013) Initial assessment. This website uses cookies to ensure it delivers the best web experience for you. The colors included in the set can be used as a base for painting most of the exhausts of any jet engine. Each one of these sets has a selection of special colors for painting vehicles, figures, etc. Here are a few metallic paint sets that I recommend if you want to start a collection. Showing 1–16 of 105 results. bottles with a flip-cap and eye dropper spout. I would think that a paint with a harder surface then Vallejo paints would see no side effects whatsoever. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … The paint … This also includes a glossy black primer and a gloss protective varnish. Okay, so you’re still not sure what metallic paints to get. Each one of these sets has a selection of special colours for painting vehicles, figures and dioramas. Filter. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Vallejo Model Air Metallic Effects Acrylic Paint Set for Air Brush - Assorted Colours (Pack of 16) at Home / Paints / Vallejo Paints / Vallejo Paint Sets. The whole range comes in 32ml (1.08fl.oz.) Still at least the paints are a lot cheaper than GWs, list prices for Vallejo paints are £1.80 for 17ml where as GW are £2.25 for 12ml overall that equates to a GW paint being around 80% more expensive. Specialising in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k. Acrylicos Vallejo's new metallic colors for painting radial or linear aircraft engines. ... Vallejo Military Paint Set/Plastic Storage Case (72 Colors & Brushes) Hobby and Model Paint Set #70173. 5,614 Reviews Scanned ... MASTER PRO Dual-Action Gravity Feed AIRBRUSH KIT SET w/ 3 TIPS Hobby Paint By master-airbrush ... Acrylic 16 Airbrush Paint Set for Model & Hobby (Vallejo … Vallejo Model Air Paint Set – USAF Colors Post WWII to Present “Aggressor” Squadron Part II – 71617 £ 20.04 This set is developed to paint camouflage patterns with grey colors, as used for the “Aggressor” Squadrons of the USAF – 71.617 Modelbouwverf voor alle modelbouw. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Milliput Superfine White 2-Part Self Hardening Putty. I haven't been very happy with their primer for gunpla, in my experience it doesn't stick much better than their regular Model Color. Actually, we hope this reviews with this Vallejo Face Painting Set, 17ml (Set of 8) was advantageous. Also, compared to Vallejo Model Colors (my favourite paint line to date), there was not much need for vigorous shaking. Faller Plowed Field Soil Model Railroad Grass Earth #170704. I say this for a couple of reasons, they have sets so you can easily get the correct paints all at once for a project (excluding primary colors, but they have a set of those too), no worrys of having to mix and match paints. Krueger's Krieger - Personal MaK 3000 Gallery. Here is our review of the AK Interactive AK 2010 RAF Camouflages paint. Vallejo has introduced a series of eighteen metallic colors in their Metal Colors line. Vallejo are not only one of the most popular brands when it comes to miniature painting, they also boast one of the largest ranges. and step by step instructions by Chema Cabrero. I always end up dropping to much or too little. Vallejo offers a wide range of colored primers which is a plus, coming from one who loves to paint, as this primer coat is actually the base boat of paint as well. bottles however the process of … Acrylicos Vallejo Game Color Introduction Set, Model Color Paint Set, 1/2 Fl. Review Giving the sets a try At first glance the New Vallejo Painting and Weathering Systems are packaged in an attractive end opening box. Model Air Paint Sets. Stands and Jigs; 1/72 Plastic Kits. Levering uit voorraad van Tamiya, AK-Interactive, Abteilung 502, Ammo by Mig Jimenez, Humbrol, Vallejo, en Revell. It didn’t hurt that the set was on offer at Element Games with a whopping £40 off (I’m not being paid by them for this by the way, just reporting the situation as it was, and still is as of time of writing!). Spotlight Review " Great paints! " Winter Weathering Set by Vallejo 72220 $ 46.99 Read more; AFV Dunkelgelb German Dark Yellow Set of 6 by Vallejo 78401 $ … Home / Paint and Paint Supplies / Vallejo Paints and Supplies / Vallejo Paint Sets Vallejo Paint Sets. Bottles, 16 Colors. Vallejo Paint Sets. ... Vallejo divides their paint line into two groups ... online retailers as well as on Collection of 16 color sets of Model Air for painting models and miniatures. Contains 16 bottles of 17 ml. Street prices are even lower now so the price per bottle is comparable to Vallejo. Pre-Order; New Products; Scale Models Kits. This is a hefty amount of metallic paint, nearly 2-3 times the amount we miniature painters are used to getting from our main paint ranges. Vallejo Metallic Set Model Air Paint Vallejo heeft verschillende verfsystemen op acryl basis, die elk een eigen specifiek segment van de hobbymarkt bedekken, maar ze zijn onderling bruikbaar en vermengbaar. How About Metallic Paint Sets? Vallejo provides the steps to use their Olive Drab set on the back of the box, along with pictures of a U.S. Halftrack. Wargaming web-store with low prices, speedy delivery and excellent customer service. These paint sets … Vallejo Paint Case Sets (9) Vallejo Paint Sets (142) Vallejo Panzer Aces (48) Vallejo Pigments (30) Vallejo Premium Airbrush Colour (60) Vallejo Primers (56) Vallejo Tools (16) Vallejo Wash (28) Vallejo Water Stone Earth (20) Vallejo Weathering Effects (35) Vallejo Mecha (3) Order Support. Contact Us; 7014. Well, if you’re like me and want to have those other paints (…for you know, just in case), then check out these paint sets below. vallejo - mecha color set 69990 Acrylicos Vallejo Magnificent complete set of Mecha Color water-based acrylic paints for airbrush (which can also be applied employing brushes ), in 17ml jars with dropper, developed specifically for gunplas and similar models, featuring a nice satin finish, exceptional adherence on plastic and great resistance to scratches and impacts 24 hours after application. Showing 1–16 of 142 results. By using this website you agree to our use of cookies. (with eyedropper) and color chart from Vallejo Paints. Water-based Acrylicos Vallejo Model Colors were developed specifically for brush application, and provide uniform coverage even on difficult-to-cover surfaces, such as metal and plastic. Selection of airbrush colors to create the effects of rust and wear caused by exposure. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Vallejo Medieval Colors Paint Set, 17ml at Their paints, washes, mediums, pigments and more are all comparable in price and volume to other ranges, while proving almost unbeatable in quality. MSRP is $10.99 per bottle. Vallejo's thinner is not a thinner in the classic sense in that it is a thin formulation of the same acrylic which is in the paint (you can prove this to yourself by putting a few drops on a pallet and the next day find it has dried to a hard, translucent blob). I my opinion though the Vallejo colors are the ones I would pick if I had to choose one line of paint. carries the complete line of Vallejo paints and supplies. Somewhat following the instructions, which are listed out on the back of the paint set, I started with the #603 - Primer Dunkelgrau RAL7021. The colors reviewed are: Atlas-Brush 3/0 TAKLON DETAIL BRUSH. Manufacturers. Vallejo Paint Sets. Vallejo Metal Color Review – Bottles.