after the prayer was ended all shouted with loud voices: "Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna to God and the Lamb, Amen Amen, and Amen," which was three times repeated. Visitors included prominent business and government leaders as well as officials from other religious faiths. Members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles participated at each of the 13 dedicatory sessions through Sunday, 30 June. By the authority of the Holy Priesthood now we offer this building as a sanctuary to Thy Worthy Name. Nauvoo Temple dedication Showing 1-13 of 13 messages. The Nauvoo Temple dedication was certainly singular in the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Latter-day Saints made preparations to build a temple soon after establishing their headquarters at Nauvoo, Illinois in 1839. In 1850, the walls were terribly damaged by a tornado, leaving the west fa… Had they waited until the building was completed before dedicating and using any portion, it is very doubtful that the structure would have ever served its builders. [10], President Brigham Young, though not present in person, made this observation: “Elder Joseph Young offered up the dedicatory prayer, dedicating the Temple and all that pertained thereto to the Lord, as an offering to Him as an evidence of the willingness of his people to fulfill his commandments and build His holy house, even at the risk of their lives, and the sacrifice of all their labor and earthly goods. Accept of us we pray Thee, inspire every bosom to do Thy will, cause that truth may lead them for the glorious coming of the Son of God when you come in the name of the King, the Lord of Hosts shall be the King. that the roof should not go on nor the House be finished And the threats of the mob that we should not dedicate it yet we have done both. David R. Crockett: The Nauvoo Temple 5 Temple Construction Is Undertaken In August 1840, Joseph Smith announced to the Church members in Nauvoo that the time had again come to build a temple. Brigham Young University May this sacred house stand as a memorial to him who lived here and was buried here, Joseph Smith, the great prophet of this dispensation, and his brother Hyrum, whom he loved.”. Temple Dedication set June 27, 2002. . . The new temple is built on the same site and to virtually the same exterior specifications and design as the original Nauvoo Temple. Visit the post for more. Since the Latter-day Saints were driven from Nauvoo in the mid-1840s and embarked on a 1,300-mile exodus from Nauvoo to the Rocky Mountains, the Church has grown to more than … . ... A sunstone from the original Nauvoo Temple is housed in the display case. The Saints were also anxious to perform their temple ordinance work at the earliest opportunity. . On June 27, 2002, Gordon B. Hinckley, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, dedicated the Nauvoo Temple. Most people who visit Historic Nauvoo stop here to view introductory films, obtain information about individual sites, rest on a hot day, or participate in special seasonal events. “I was in Nauvoo on the 26th day of May 1846 for the last time, and left the city of the Saints feeling that most likely I was taking a final farewell of Nauvoo for this life. 1.7K likes. Nauvoo Temple dedication: exmo: 6/30/02 11:38 AM: Did anyone go to the Nauvoo Temple dedication on 6-27? The reason, according to Joseph (see Nauvoo discourses in Words of Joseph Smith) was that the Saints thought that building brick houses, a masonic temple, and other speculations were of higher importance than giving their time and money to the temple. Orson Hyde, W. Woodruff, Joseph Young, & W. W. Phelps were in the company. This was the first temple dedication broadcast on an international scale, and its reach far exceeded that of any previous Church satellite broadcast. May it shine with a renewed luster as the home of a temple of God. The Nauvoo Illinois Temple stands on a high bluff overlooking a bend in the Mississippi River. After two years of construction, on 27 June 2002, the church dedicated the Nauvoo Illinois Temple, whose exterior is a replica of the first temple, but whose interior is laid out like a modern LDS temple. According to The Nauvoo Temple: “A Monument of the Saints,” another man saw the belfry appear to be on fire at around 9:45 p.m., but when he reached the temple, it was unharmed, dark, and secure. By September 1846 all the Latter-day Saints had been driven from the city. No report is available on the number of people attending the dedication services of 1 May or 2 May, but it is quite likely that many were in attendance. [12]. It is the third such temple that has been built in Illinois (the original Nauvoo Temple and Chicago Illinois Temple being the others). We then left the temple." Dedication of the Temple of God in the city of Nauvoo This splendid edifice is now completed, and will be dedicated to the Most High God on Friday, the 1st. Location: Nauvoo Temple Arrival Center, 1165 Knight St, Nauvoo, IL 62354, USA April 28th 2012 – Bountiful Temple Visit Bountiful Utah is home to several things close to my heart; my long-time friends The Gardner’s and the Bountiful Temple. The Nauvoo Illinois Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.I have ideas on how to do this much smoother and nicer next time. Ongoing doctrinal revelation, increasing population growth of the membership, and external pressures resulted in ‘outside-the-box’ action to bring the ordinances of the temple to an anxious church membership. The Nauvoo Illinois Temple is the Church’s 113th. The Latter Day Saints made preparations to build a temple soon after establishing their headquarters at Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1839. During the closing moments of the dedication of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple on June 30, 2002, President Gordon B. Hinckley noted it was “a very hot day” in Nauvoo. The Nauvoo Illinois Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.I have ideas on how to do this much smoother and nicer next time. The prayer of dedication was offered by Elder Hyde, who presided over the meeting. On this same site in the year 1841, Thy people, under the direction of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and in obedience to revelation from Thee, began construction of a temple to the Most High. Associated Locations: Nauvoo, Illinois Associated Dates: May 1, 1846 – First Dedication June 27, 2002 – Second Dedication This articles covers the history and significance of the Nauvoo Temple. The Temple Arrival Center, located north of the temple, is available for nonpatron family and friends. It will serve 13,000 Latter-day Saints in western Illinois, eastern Iowa, and northeastern Missouri, in stakes in Nauvoo, Peoria, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, and Iowa City. On 19 January 1841, ... temple and have it formally dedicated. The temple was privately dedicated April 30, 1846 with a public dedication the next day. May 1-3, 1846 -- Public dedication ceremony, with dedicatory prayer offered by Orson Hyde. It occupied a city block bounded by Woodruff, Mulholland, Knight, and Wells streets. The Temple was dedicated in the presence of strangers and all who would pay one dollar for admittance, attended with my wife. Sept. 1846 -- Church driven out of Nauvoo, temple abandoned. In the baptismal font, dedicated nine months later, the Saints performed proxy baptisms in behalf of the dead. (Photo by Craig Dimond. Crowds line up for the Nauvoo Temple's first dedication session Thursday afternoon. They have done so with love and a wonderful spirit of consecrated effort.”, President Hinckley added: “Bless this city of Nauvoo, which came to be known as the city of Joseph. October 15, 2002 . Attendence was permitted to all members with a current or special temple recommend. April 30, 1846 -- Private dedication held with a dedicatory prayer by Orson Hyde. At its base the building was 128 feet (39 m) long and 88 feet (27 m) wide with a clock tower and weather vanereaching to a total height of 165 feet (50 m)—a 60% increase over the dimensions of the Kirtland Temple. Travel Getting to Nauvoo FYLYING TO NAUVOO To be honest Nauvoo is kind of in the middle of nowhere, so even if you are flying to the closest major airports you can expect a more … Temple stone is often given away as souvenirs after the dedication of the temple. . Temple Arrival Center. ). Andersen. He prayed for the Twelve and all the authorities of the church, for the workmen that had wrought upon the Temple in the midst of persecution, want and suffering, and for the deliverance of the poor; that the Lord would direct the brethren of the camp of Israel, open the way before them and lead them to a place of his own appointment for the gathering of all the Saints." Sidney Rigdon gave the principal oration. Keokuk Daily Gate City, September 21, 2001. This will be the first temple dedication to be broadcast on an international scale. President Brigham Young “opened the services of the day by a dedicatory prayer, presenting the Temple, thus far completed, as a monument of the saints’ liberality, fidelity, and faith, concluding: "Lord, we dedicate this house and ourselves, to thee.’" [2] Following this dedication, Sunday worship services, prayer meetings, and administrative meetings were conducted regularly in the temple. Only four years after the Nauvoo Temple was dedicated, it lay in ruins. Grant Building It is the third such temple that has been built in Illinois. The final formal dedication of the temple took place after most members of the Church had left the city. [3] Roberts, History of the Church, 7:534–35. The place and the time were closely tied to the history of the Church and its first President, Joseph Smith, charging the event with a sense of history as well as sacredness. Under the direction of Truman Angell, a special crew of workmen remained behind to complete the first story and some other parts of the structure. Orson Hyde read the dedicatory prayer. Between 1937 and 1962, the LDS Church reacquired and restored the lot on which the temple stood. After some conversation and singing a prayer circle was formed immediately in front of the Melchisedeck stand, O. Hyde was President, and Joseph Young, Mouth after which those present were seated in the stands to represent the order of the priest hood, myself being seated in the Teachers stand, and a Dedication prayer was offered by O. Hyde, to which all responded "amen." . The majestic building is a faithful reproduction of the original Nauvoo Temple built by settlers of the Church in the 1840s and destroyed by arson fire in 1848 and tornado-force winds in 1850. Met at sundown in the temple for prayers as usual, after which (with our clothing) we repaired to the lower room for the purpose of Dedicating the same. On the final day of dedication, meetings were mainly attended by Latter-day Saints. I heard that Hinckley and Grady McMurty (pres of the RLDS) were supposed to meet at the grave of Joseph Smith.