The truck-based Toyota 4Runner is rugged and it looks rugged, emphasizing function over form. I chose the Pioneer DMH-2660NEX because it offered Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and more for a very reasonable price. At the time I purchased these, they weren’t very well known to the 4runner community (and still aren’t). Also if you want a little better sound quality, go with a set of components over the coaxs. Many 4th generation 4Runner owners use this head unit for a quick and cheap upgrade meanwhile being able to match the head unit backlight color to the car’s OEM amber color. Factory rears( for now). The Philips LEDs have a bit more of a yellowish hue than the Cree LEDs – I figured this would be a good option to have down low for fog, snow, and rain conditions since white/blueish light tends to bounce off the droplets in the air. If you want navigation or DVD then you'll have to go double DIN. That’s all it takes to switch from airbags to springs. In terms of capability, it does pretty much everything that the T10015 does. You get a brighter, more focused beam for improved visibility and styling that can easily set your SUV apart from the masses. Any 4th gen should have this upgrade. These are much lighter than the original 18″ wheels and stepping down to a 17″ size allows me to run a nice tall tire sidewall while still clearing the brake calipers. I ended up routing away from the wire bundles near the box as well, going directly from the bottom runner of the rear left passenger door, and directly into the trunk, using a gap underneath the. “What Accessories/Upgrades should I purchase for my 4Runner?”Many of us ask this question when starting out in the 4×4 world.In this overview, we will be going over a few common off-road accessories for the 5th Generation 4Runner. Engines / Suspension / Wheels / Tires / Audio / Accessories, Toyota 4Runner Forum - Largest 4Runner Forum, Classifieds - buy & sell (no commercial ads please), European T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), Asia & Oceania T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), Africa & Middle East T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), Latin America / Carribbean T4R & Hilux Surf Clubs (click to view), : Pioneer AVHX5700BHS Double-DIN DVD Receiver with 7-Inch Motorized Display, Bluetooth, Siri Eyes Free, SiriusXM-Ready, HD Radio, Android Music Support, Pandora, and Dual Camera Inputs : Car Electronics,,,, Pioneer DEH-80PRS CD Receiver at,,, San Diego - 03 JBL Factory Head Unit & 97 Factory Head unit $50 each. Depends on your budget really. Most people don’t even notice it unless it’s turned on. The head unit is the only thing you need to replace to update the audio in your 4th gen 4runner. The 4th gen 4runner is part of Toyota’s global 120 Series platform. This was the perfect place to mount these buttons. In addition, we provide custom mounting brackets that allow you to install 6.5” or 6.75” aftermarket component or coaxial speakers. I’ll have a complete review up on this system in a few weeks once I get a better impression of it. What sucks about some of the TRD options on a 4Runner is that there aren’t that many. Mikestang. This single row light is very low key looking when mounted to the OEM roof rack. Just find what you want and shop around for best price. I leave them on year round and rarely have trouble finding traction anywhere. Jl is top of line imho. I just finished a custom amp and sub install for my son's 2007 4th gen so I have an factory head unit and amp / subwoofer available. These will not fit a stock 4runner and even with my lift and aftermarket wheels, I needed to trim the plastic on the front bumper, relocate the inner fender wells, and remove the factory mud flaps. My favorite Scion head unit in the 4th generation 4Runner is the T10015. All up to your personal wants and needs. See more ideas about 2006 4runner, 4runner, toyota 4runner. I previously wrote about my experience with trying out various Scion head units in my 2003 Toyota 4Runner. 32″ Philips Curved Dual Row LED Light Bar. Installation was simple and I was able to retain the entire factory JBL Synthesis system as well as full function of the steering wheel controls. OME also offers the same spring at a slightly lower length (895e – 1.5″ lift) for anyone that prefers a more level ride height. The fifth generation 4Runner debuted in 2009 for the 2010 model year offering more space than the outgoing model. I've been itching to upgrade the sound system in my 4runner but was more concern with getting the truck to run and ride smooth 1st than upgrades and mods. Oct 4, 2017 - Explore Paul Knapp's board "2006 4Runner upgrades" on Pinterest. One of them being the ability to display a backup camera on the touch screen. Pretty customizable with a lot of options to grow your system and not too flashy. Be sure to check out our packaged speakers systems designed for your Toyota 4Runner. TacoTunes Plug and Play Subwoofer Audio Upgrade for the 5th Gen 4Runner. How To: 4th Gen V6 Radiator Replacement/Tranny Cooler Install Changing the glove box lock BEST trim restore Joying head unit (android) Discussion in ' 4th Gen 4Runners (2003-2009) ' started by Mountaindou , May 14, 2020 . This is their medium-stiffness spring that’s rated for vehicles carrying 200-400 extra pounds of payload regularly. Difference is night and day. Because my 4runner is a Canadian Limited V8 model, it comes from the factory with adjustable rear air suspension. Finally, the T1806 plays MP3 CD’s, so you can play tons of music off one CD. I've been very happy with my Alpine CDE HD149BT single din deck. Located in … It all works fine and the sub itself was replaced by a PO with an upgraded Pioneer unit. I decided on this light based on a DIY thread I found on 7 DAY FOLLOW UP ON THE ANDROID T8 HEAD UNIT – 5TH GEN 4RUNNER. I went with the upgraded 404 stainless steel version to avoid having to patch up leaks in the future. This is Fox’s entry level suspension offering. In my opinion, it’s just as capable – plus it has a unique appearance along with the power, sound, and towing capacity of a V8 engine. This is not the official list of “best” mods as there is no one specific mod out there for each and every person.Every owner is going to have different needs and different goals.When buying accessories an… SE includes install equipment similar to how crutchfield does at a low cost for the head unit. These fit perfectly in the wheel wells and offer a clean yet rugged look. It's not too fancy but it has all the features I wanted like Bluetooth, HD radio, and iPhone compatibility. This really updated the vehicle and made it much more liveable day to day. It shares this with the Lexus GX470, FJ Cruiser, Tacoma/Hilux, Land Cruiser Prado, 5th gen 4runner and Hilux Surf. x2 on the NVX as the amp I have (a class D amp) is rated for 110W RMS (I Think) but a youtube test I was watching showed it actually closer to 175W RMS. Since I deleted my rear air suspension, the 2 buttons in the center console that controlled it were rendered useless. 2005 Toyota 4Runner Sport Edition V6. Long term ownership of a 4th Gen Toyota 4runner is very common due to their reliability and the fact that they do their job so well. I waited way too long to upgrade the head unit in my 4runner. From past experiences I would highly recommend staying away from kicker stuff. It seems that most 4runner owners either stick with the tried and true Bilstein 5100 shocks, or step up to more expensive adjustable offerings from Fox, King, and Icon. The only reason I can come up with for them not being more popular after owning them for more than 2 years is simply because people don’t know about them. This means the 4runner shares much of the frame design, suspension and even the drivetrain with these vehicles. for the parts needed to install an aftermarket head unit Down load the (Metra Electronics Fit Guide) app on your phone. Metal Tech advertises this kit as a part for the Lexus GX470, which shares the same suspension design as the 4runner. I'm not a fan of Sony & would get Pioneer or Alpine for a HU. A new head unit will allow you preference and features to fit your lifestyle, as opposed to the sound of your system. Dark Knight, Sep 20, 2019 Aftermarket head units can offer improved adjustability over the system with high and low pass filters, parametric quilters, and capabilities … I had the original catalytic converters welded to them to keep things legal and allow it to pass emissions tests without any problems. It’s been about a week since I’ve had the new head unit installed. I spent some time researching them on other platforms like the FJ Cruiser, Tacoma and even some full size trucks. Perhaps an amber colored plastic cover would be more effective. Finding the Right Head Unit. the kicker coaxial speakers (40CS654) that you are looking at, will not require you to purchase tweeters. Single DIN. This set of headers cost less than a single OEM manifold, plus they’re made of 304 stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty. The T10017 is a close second, but mainly because it does not have the matching ambient lighting color as the rest of the OEM amber interior lights. That’s … The drone at around 1800 RPM that some people complain about is very real in my experience, although it hasn’t bothered me too much so far. My 4runner is the only quiet vehicle I own so I really didn’t want to part ways with the original exhaust. Between the stronger design, cheaper price, increased power, and increased fuel efficiency, these are a no-brainer for any 4.7L 4runner with cracked manifolds. I had a Kenwood head unit driving the factory amp/speakers and had the same hum. I was a bit concerned that they would be too stiff when unloaded, but they ride very smooth and match the Fox 2.0 up front very well. Here you’ll find a list of every modification I’ve made to my 2007 Toyota 4runner. You can just buy an aftermarket head unit with Bluetooth and all that stuff and be pretty much equal. The sound quality was improved as well, even with the OEM speakers. When you’re hungry for Toyota 4Runner performance upgrades, skip the energy drinks and head straight for performance mods and custom parts […] I finally ended up with my final and current setup: a Scion T10015 touchscreen head unit that to this day, I am incredibly happy with. I chose a 32″ curved light for the front bumper because it fit perfectly. The problem with owning one for many years is that certain things can become rather outdated. The OME 895 springs are designed to give 2″ of lift and be able to handle heavy loads without sagging. I run kenwood hu( it's ok, non intuitive programs) kenwood exelon 6.5. These wheels have been a long time favorite of mine for off road trucks so they were a pretty easy choice. I could have just kept the generic switches that came on the harnesses I got for the lights, but I’m really glad I took this extra step. It all dwindled down to 3 factors: direct plug-and-play, lower cost, and great sound. I chose the Gibson because many owners reported that it’s very tame and easy to live with on a daily basis. I went with a fairly big size (285/70/17 which measures very close to 33″). Headlight Year Differences. The single DIN left room below for my 2M radio, but you could mount a CB, switches, gauges or whatever below. Very easy to use they have the tweeter built in. I wanted to get a little creative with the switches for my light bars and these OEM style buttons were perfect. One of the biggest examples of this is the factory head unit and… These blend in perfectly with my otherwise completely stock interior. We offer a number of different upgrade options for the rear door speakers in your Toyota 4Runner. 11-14-2006, 03:21 PM. Top 10 4Runner Mods & Upgrades Four Loko might give your body a jolt of slurred energy, but it won’t do anything for your 4Runner, except maybe make your exhaust smell like artificial watermelon. Within the 4th generation of the Toyota 4Runner (years 2003-2009), there was a mid-generational refresh for the year 2006 model, which affected the headlight design. TRD Doesn’t make an exhaust for the 5th Gen 4Runner? The ride is fantastic both on road and off and durability-wise they’re holding up really well to our Canadian winters. I recently tested out various Scion head units in my 4th generation Toyota 4Runner and explained how and why I used these OEM options. It’s really quiet overall but still offers a deep V8 growl that we all enjoy. These headers offer pretty sizeable mid-range power gains and nearly made up for the MPG loss from my tires (roughly 2 MPG). The Duratrac is one of the most aggressive all-terrain tires on the market and comes pretty close to a mud-terrain in terms of performance. They are heavy though and definitely attributed to an MPG loss especially in the city. 202K miles; 125K miles on engine (certified used, paperwork included) Full exhaust from URD (equal length headers, high-clearance Y-pipe, stainless cutback) Initially, I couldn’t notice much of a difference when putting around town at low rpm. 4th Gen 4Runner Overland Build List. I like the look and feel of the stock head unit and built-in controls like the steering wheel functionality. [Archive] Time to upgrade to a 4th generation 4Runner! One thing worth noting though, is that having this light mounted in this position will light up the whole interior unless the sunroof shade is closed. Unlike mud-terrain tires though, these are fairly quiet on the highway and perform great in winter driving conditions. However the dealer had to replace the head unit after 2 years (not a problem since) as the cd changer stopped working. You can check out how the price of these modifications adds up in the video below. All Rights Reserved. A V8 4th gen is a good find, but they do command a higher price. A cracked OEM exhaust manifold made this decision for me. I didn’t intend to do any performance upgrades because the Toyota 4runner isn’t exactly a race car. 5th Gen 4 Runner Aftermarket Head Unit. I went with a Pioneer DEH-80PRS. If you get one with touchscreen the motorized face is pretty nice, tilts up for perfect viewing angle. For amps & speakers JL Audio all the way. Here's what i'm thinking: KICKER 41CST204 (Tweeters) KICKER 40CS654 (front & rear speakers) Kicker PT250 10" (powered sub) Alpine KTP-445U (4 channel Amp) ***** (Head unit) Also where you live. Sup guys! I used to love kicker amps, not sure now though, I've heard no good things. It throws a ton of light down the road and believe it or not, the roof doesn’t block it at all. The only downside I’ve seen thus far is the inability to adjust them on the vehicle. Installation was simple and I was able to retain the entire factory JBL Synthesis system as well as full function of the steering wheel controls. Best price for the features included. I went with a 17×8.5″ size with a 0 offset and 4.75″ backspacing. Quality over quantity. You may have a hard time finding a fourth-gen in nice condition, and be forced to buy a 5th gen just because they're newer. I’ve only had this exhaust on for a week, but I’m already quite pleased with it. I ceramic coated these with Gtechniq C5 when they were 1 year old and the finish on them still looks brand new despite the salty Canadian winters. Might have gotten dust in it. I chose the Pioneer DMH-2660NEX because it offered Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and more for a very reasonable price. I had these tires on my previous Grand Cherokee and was so happy with them that I didn’t need to think twice before ordering a set for the 4runner. I list the others in my 4runner buyers guide. The rest of the system can be kept – you can even retain the optional JBL Synthesis system including the original amp, subwoofer, and steering wheel controls if … Much like the headers, my 4runner made this choice for me by having the OEM exhaust rot out and fall off from the muffler back. new head unit and speakers, or just new head unit. Most single and double din head units will fit a 4runner. I waited way too long to upgrade the head unit in my 4runner. I eventually chose to go with a Scion T10015 touch screen head unit not just because of its sleek but stock look, but also because of its extra capabilities. 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner Aftermarket Installs, Step-by-Step and Feild Tests on aftermarket TRD Parts and Accessories, 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner These Fox 2.0s seemed great on paper which made me really wonder why nobody was running them on 4runners. The extra stiffness is nice to have when towing or loading the hatch up with gear. Ever heard of NVX? I spent a lot of time researching these parts online before I decided to buy them because this vehicle is my daily driver. Cracked exhaust manifolds are just one of the potential issues you need to look for when buying a 4th generation Toyota 4runner. I didn’t want to break the bank when it came to lighting, because I don’t really rely on it that much. There is no TRD Supercharger and there is no TRD Catback system. It improves the sound of the stereo soooooo much. Most owners, including myself, did not want to swap out the factory head units for an ugly aftermarket one and lose all the functionality of the stock unit. Since I was going to be copying the mounting brackets I thought I might as well use the same light they used as well. Scion T10015 Head Unit Upgrade. $200 plus shipping for everything. A lot of positive things written about the NVX stuff, No reason to go cheap, if you've waited on a sound system to get the rest of the truck in order wait a little longer and save up for the right sound. I'm pretty pleased with it. This suspension upgrade is quite possibly my favorite modification I’ve made to my 4runner to this day. TRD makes a system for the newer Tundra and the 2017 Tacoma but not for the 4Runner. Airbags aren’t usually preferred for hardcore off roading due to the chance of tearing the rubber though, and since mine were already leaking, I chose to convert to regular coil springs like most 4runners. 4th Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (2003-2009) 3rd Gen 4Runner Parts Marketplace (1996-2002) ... Wireless CarPlay Adapter DIY 3.5" JL Audio dash speaker upgrade ... For those who don’t mind the factory head unit this will solve the few dislikes without the bugs of the T9 headunit. It’s actually a pretty nice system and can even be tricked fairly easily to provide a suspension lift to match whatever you upgraded to up front. I was able to piece this rig together for 1/3 the cost of a brand new TRD Pro 4runner. The conversion is very simple – it includes an OEM style rubber spring isolator to hold the top of the spring (same diameter as the airbags) and a lower spring perch that bolts to the axle. Copyright © 2020 Canadian Gearhead. I'm running one in my 4th gen 4Runner and love it I needed it to remain reliable, comfortable, and easy to drive. It seemed like a smart idea, but I can’t say it made that much of a difference in the real world. I’ve ran the original OEM head lamps for many years, but wondered what options there were for the 4th gen 4Runner. No, they don’t. I've always had good luck with Pioneer stuff. They're a somewhat newer brand, the "house brand" of SonicElectronix, from what I've heard. Imo I always like pioneer touch screens. 3rd Gen 4Runner 1996-2002; 4th Gen 4Runner 2003-2009; 5th Gen 4Runner 2010+ Baja Rack Accessories; Cali Raised; Expedition One; Front Runner; Go Rhino; N-Fab; Perrycraft; PrInSu Design. Aftermarket headlights are some of the most meaningful upgrades, giving you improvements in both form and function.