My husband realized that he wasn’t interested in what others said about the Mormons, instead he believed what the Holy Ghost told him was true. I agree with this whole post. I had a blessing by one of the general authorities, and in it I was told to only read GOOD books. Written by a professor at BYU, this book covers the early evidence of folk magic in Joseph Smith's upbringing. I’m always surprised when a close friend or a relative, tells me they’re reading a book about Mormons which turns out to be an anti-Mormon book. This book addresses many of those questions though the nature of the issues are that there are no satisfactory answers. Over the years I have collected many Dead Sea Scroll books, articles, audio and videos and subscribed to “Biblical Archaeology Review” magazine to keep up with the latest research. Mormon Church Admits the Book of Mormon is not Historical [Admin note: There is no evidence of any actual history in the Book of Mormon.] Essentially a preview of Sounding Brass (1963). Your email address will not be published. The most notable anti-Mormon work of this period, Mormonism Unvailed (sic), was published by Eber D. Howe in 1834. studies and Dialogue have been devoted to considering questions on the life of the Mormon prophet raised by Brodie. Online Books contains HTML versions of books. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Truth mixed with error is always difficult, even when I have read some things, it is very deceiving once the author puts a negative spin on it. If I wanted to learn about the whatever church, I would want to find out the true facts. Anti-Mormon: The Mormon N-Word By Bill McKeever Speaking at its annual conference held in Detroit in July 2007, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond called on the American public and the entertainment industry to stop using the “N-Word.” Well first it took me a minute to figure out what all that land was and why it was so rocky. I thought you blog titled “Are Mormons Going to Hell” to be well thought out and nicely written. Inspired by the life of a polygamist wife of Joseph Smith, this novel, while still technically fiction, is also historically accurate at the same time. We can assume that publications of the Utah Gospel Mission and Jerald and Sandra Tanner, for example, are anti-Mormon at least in intent. This “extermination order” resulted in the deaths of at least 60 Mormons as well as the rapes of […] No. Your email address will not be published. Anti-Mormon Quotes Here’s an interesting random sample of anti-Mormon statements/actions through the ages. I like to think “garbage in, garbage out”, or in one of my own previous posts, “You are what you eat, last night, I ate potatoes!” I think it is crazy that people are so hungry to find out about the LDS religion that they want to read anti Mormon stuff to find out the big scoop. Illustrated anti-Mormon books and newspaper columns were commonplace throughout the United States during the 19th century. To best sum up this book is to quote Marvin S. Hill, a LDS historian at Brigham Young University:For more than a quarter century Fawn Brodie's No Man Knows My History has been recognized by most professional American historians as the standard work on the life of Joseph Smith and perhaps the most important single work on early Mormonism. Years later he finally acknowledged he was not a descendant of Brigham. Top 10 Changes that Should Be Made in an Among Us Update, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. Instead, this key Mormon scripture has been shown to be a 19th-century work of fiction authored by Joseph Smith and perhaps others. Latent anti-Mormon bias may seem harmless enough—after all, Mormons are reluctant to call others out on it. CES Letter. Howe collaborated with apostate Philastus Hurlbut, twice excommunicated from the Church for immorality. It is great how this stuff supports Mormon belief. Write. Bushman gives a very neutral presentation of Joseph Smith in. ;D. I totally agree with you. Written in 1945, this book portrays the life of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith in a way rarely seen. Lies, facts and details. These are not anti-Mormon books as a couple of them are written by members in good standing with the church. He did not know what to say to that so I took a note pad and wrote down some similarities and gave it to him. Almost all of them are silly or completely disingenuous. They only read the negative stuff printed by people who weren’t LDS instead of finding out what we say we believe.My husband’s friend asked him if he ever said anything negative about his greek orthodox beliefs. The book that had the greatest impact on me was one written during the early years of scroll scholarship called “Since Cumorah” by Hugh Nibley. The first was The History of the Saints; or, An Exposé of Joe Smith and Mormonism, by John C. Bennett, who had served as Joseph Smith's counselor in the First Presidency and was also the first mayor of Nauvoo. Learn how your comment data is processed. Test. I think anti-stuff brings more people into the church that it ever intended to do. My Search for Answers to my Mormon Doubts. While I'm not mormon, you made this list was very interesting with your descriptive comments. Source: B.H. A look into mormonism. Created by. This comment has been removed by the author. Apr. There is nothing offensive about it and everyone is curious about the background of the Lafferties. My hate anti mormon books…my dad left the church because of them . "The anti-Mormon document we are discussing lists 36 parallels between Ethan Smith’s book and the Book of Mormon. List of Anti-Mormon Pages/Groups on Facebook for LDS members to avoid. Book of Mormon, the earliest text, ed. Evidence Against The Book of Mormon. 9 talking about this. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. The problem was that I had just scrolled down a bit and then kept scrolling and when I got to the FACE I jumped. While you are doing these “let’s get one thing straight” posts…I thought you might want to touch on this talk:, LOL! © COPYRIGHT 2020 EVE OUT OF THE GARDEN, DEILA TAYLOR, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED,, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Hurlbut was hired by an anti-Mormon committee to find those who would attest to Smith’s dishonesty. If you know anyone who could use an immunity boost from the anti-Mormon viruses that abound I recommend “Since Cumorah.”. It really did turn out better, but it is often hard to remember that in the heat of the “you are going to hell”moment. My husband is a convert to the Church and he was handed a lot of anti-mormon literature by his greek orthodox relatives. So I kept going. Love this post. Get cozy and expand your home library with a large online selection of books at Now I’m going back to read the post. Learn. Anyway, my boss believed that Joseph was a false prophet and that all Mormons are going to hell including me and told me so. STUDY. The Book of Mormon Is Anti-Mormon. MP3 download also available here. Although I, too, have said the same thing to a friend who was reading an anti-book and proudly told me so at work. Less than 24 hours after a controversial revelation declaring Donald Trump as the Anti-Christ was leaked to the media, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka the Mormon Church) has clarified its position on the Republican presidential candidate’s role in the End of Days. This book exposes the many differences between Mormonism and traditional Christianity. thanks for sharing your story here. Flashcards. Re: Most convincing "anti" mormon books? It is about the Lafferties and starts out sounding like a pro-Mormon or at least neutral book. Jeremy Runnells was offered an opportunity to discuss his own doubts with a director of the Church Educational System (CES) and was assured that his doubts could be resolved. A long satirical list of informal rules commonly followed by those anxious to attack Mormon things. by Jeremy Runnells. Brother Gibson encountered his first anti-Mormon book while serving in the Scottish-Irish Mission in the early 1960s. As a general authority in the LDS church, Roberts was one of two men who were handed the hardest questions posed to the church. There are plenty of scholars within the Mormon faith that are revealing the true history of the LDS church. It was written during a time when Christianity was trying to figure out what to do about the scrolls and Nibley was the right scholar at the right time to take on the task. The ties between Mormonism and Freemasonry have been studied for ages. Why I chose to remove my name from the mormon records. How funny people actually say that to you. Spell. Wow, this list was good. The Top Ten. Known as the keystone of Mormonism, the Book of Mormon's origins have been debated since it first appeared on the scene. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. In 1841, it was revealed that an Anti-Mormon Almanac would be published. I’m still laughing about the rocks and the water. When those who see it as their life’s mission to tear down and destroy give speeches or produce writings, their words are in whole or in part … 2016 The Mormon Church general authority L. Whitney Clayton tells BYU graduates to disconnect from ex-Mormons and avoid relationships with "exes". If contention arises, the wrong spirit is there and even if you “Win” the discussion you have lost. PLAY. Semester 2. Book of Mormon Assessment. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in communications. The same attacks have been used over and over even though they have been answered by the organizations you mentioned as well as by others. Apparently, this anti-Mormon ministry considers any interpretation of the Bible other than their own to be "deceptive." Yes, he did. Another third were already married, and some of the husbands served as witnesses at their own wife’s polyandrous wedding.This book covers the experiences of plural wives in early Mormonism and the isolation, loneliness, and frustrations that accompanied the practice. I think we just do the best we can and I love the fact that you don’t let it get to you!! Remember back when evangelical publishing houses used to have a whole cottage industry of anti-Mormon books? Disturbed by what he read, he and a fellow missionary analyzed the inconsistencies in the book. An eye-opening look into the true life of Joseph Smith as researched and written by a member of the church he started. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (29) What was the result of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies becoming converted unto the Lord? 1 No Man Knows My History: The Life of Joseph Smith - Fawn M. Brodie. Married to at least 33 women, Mormon founder Joseph Smith began and encouraged the practice of polygamy within the church. Covering the first two decades of the Mormon Church's history, Quinn examines how events and doctrines within the church were handled from an organizational and non-religious aspect.From secret rites and societies within the hierarchy of the church to political endeavors to war with the United States, the early church practiced many things unknown to the majority of members. Not really. Now you can order titles from us over the internet. Required fields are marked *. The term, "anti-Mormon" first appears in the historical record in 1833 by the Louisville (Kentucky) Daily Herald in an article, "The Mormons and the Anti-Mormons" (the article was also the first known to label believers in the Book of Mormon as "Mormons"). I’m weird. Booklist contains a fully functional Online Shopping Cart! Amid the recent controversy over Republican attacks on GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith, it would be easy to conclude that conservatives have a monopoly on anti-Mormon … "The Book of Mormon" is not a translation of ancient American history engraved in "reformed Egyptian," on golden plates buried by an early American prophet. I couldn’t agree with you more. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They aren’t uncomfortable or embarrassed when I explain that the book is against the Mormon faith — “this is not representative of my faith.” They seem to already know that, but they think it’s ok, they usually tell me “hey, I’m reading this book about Mormons, it’s really interesting.”, Hugh W. Nibley, “How to Write an Anti-Mormon Book,” BYU Speeches (17 February 1962) Dr. Nibley humrously looks at some of the similarities in techniques and claims of anti-Mormon critics. Roberts, Studies of the Book of Mormon, p.240-242,324-344 Here are some interesting quotes from B.H. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. To be sure, the identity of the publisher is not the final determinant of whether a book is anti-Mormon, but it can be a preliminary indicator. While it is lengthy, when used as a research tool into the history of the church, this volume set exposes questionable practices of the church and its members. I later discovered that this author was confronted on talk show with a copy of his genealogy which did not relate him to Brigham and he was very upset and demonstrated quite a temper. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. I love learning, and just found some new info from Origen that I posted today. He and his wife, Bette, were married in the Salt Lake Temple. You have a good perspective on how to handle the critics. They aren’t uncomfortable or embarrassed when I explain that the book is against the Mormon … At the same time the work has had tremendous influence upon informed Mormon thinking, as shown by the fact that whole issues of B.Y.U. Fast & Free shipping on many items! One candidate for the Vorlage of a transliterated form could be the Greek ἀντι-, ἀντ-, ἀνθ-, which carries approximately all the same meanings as the derived English “anti-” . It’s the equivalent of taking some quote from one of the Christian crusaders and using it against all Christians. That is so great that you remained calm. Be sure to view the online version of The Changing World of Mormonism by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Ok now I’m back. It also sheds light on the the true origins of the Book of Mormon. There is evidence that her book has had strong negative impact on popular Mormon thought as well, since to this day in certain circles in Utah to acknowledge that one has "read Fawn Brodie" is to create doubts as to one's loyalty to the Church. I told her if I wanted to find out about another’s church, would I read literature that a mad, angry, out to getcha woman wrote who was excommunicated from the church for things that took her that direction? After he was excommunicated from the Church for immorality, he turned against the Mormons and published a series of letters in a Springfield, … A quote by comedian Bill Maher was the most glaring anti-Mormon statement made by a public figure during 2011, according to MormonVoices, a volunteer group dedicated to, in their words, "providing accurate information about the LDS Church.". 31-42. My favorite starter book is "Under the Banner of Heaven" by Krakauer. Written in 1945, this book portrays the life of Mormon Church founder Joseph Smith in a way rarely seen. Not biased toward, or against, the church, this book covers controversial aspects of Smith's life cautiously but thoroughly. I have read some of the Biblical Arch. I asked her if she was interested in the Mormon Church, is it a good idea to read books from excommunicated people that have an axe to grind? “…the Mormons must be treated as enemies, and must be exterminated or driven from the State if necessary…”óGovernor Lilburn Boggs of Missouri, in 1838. Later we became friends and I think the key was to not let contention be part of the discussion. Black Friday 2019 Sales: 40% - 60% off Select Book of Mormon Titles! The Maher quote — "By any standard, Mormonism is more ridiculous than any other religion" — was just the first in a Top Ten listing prepared … Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), also referred to as Mormons, have long been a subject of satirical humor. Great deals on Mormonism Antiquarian & Collectible Books. The Mormon books written by former members have really been lacking a psychological examination of why intelligent people remain in the LDS Church after finding out many things that indicate that the church may not be what it … Most “anti-Mormon literature” as we like to call it, is in my opinion ridiculous and pulled from obscure quotes by various prophets and not at all what we teach today. Mormons tend to be non-combative, that’s why those South Park guys felt comfortable doing a Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, making fun of Joseph Smith, Mormon missionaries and God. Thanks for your kind comments. When you actually go and read the View of the Hebrews, you realize what a stretch the author is making. Disclosure: Some of the links in these posts are affiliate links, meaning that if you click on one of the links and purchase an item, we may receive a commission. Editor's Introduction: Anti-Mormon Writings: Encountering a Topsy-Turvy Approach to Mormon Origins; An Elegant Presentation; Positivism and the Priority of Ideology in Mosiah-First Theories of Book of Mormon Production You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. From treasure digging, supernatural creatures, and seer stones, to occult traditions and astrology, This thoroughly researched book includes pictures of LDS church-owned artifacts used by Smith as well as a slew of additional photographs and illustrations verified as authentically Smith-owned and used. But those same people wouldn’t dare read the Book of Mormon. I discuss this in more detail, here. It’s like Lucifer showing up in the garden. Review too. I think there is a need for more of this in depth kind of thinking. The majority of Smith’s wives were younger than he, and one-third were between fourteen and twenty years of age. She said she it was interesting. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Those anti-books are often the ones that get picked up first. CES Letter is one Latter-Day Saint's honest quest to get official answers from the LDS Church on its troubling origins, history, and practices. The strange things my brain does to me. This is not an 'anti-Mormon' book by someone with an axe to grind against Mormonism but rather tells the true story of one man's very interesting experiences with the Mormon Church. If errors are discovered, we will be happy to correct them. So true. not-anti Mormon but pro-truth. You would think this book would be canon within the church but, due to the series touching on little-known facts about the Church's history, it is no longer recommended reading for the members. . The Book of Mormon is often called the “keystone” of the … Also a … Seems simple to me but I think she continued reading whatever it was. Lecture II, February 17, 1962 in Seminar on the Prophet Joseph Smith (BYU Extension Publications, 1962): 30-41. I never have been able to understand how women sit around reading trashy stuff..I just have enough time to read the scriptures and the Ensign! I once worked with a woman who told me she was reading one of the Tanner anti-books and I asked her why she was reading that. And yes, my good friend of Jewish faith read “Under the Banner of Heaven”– her Rabbi gave it to her. It was at that time I became interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls and began reading an English translation during lunch. This was reprinted (1964), pp. Not a book from somebody’s anger. I loved that book too, that is good advice. The element anti, which appears in a number of Book of Mormon names, could be either a transliteration or a translation of a GN. I commented that it’s interesting that there are similarities to the scrolls and Mormons. While not discouraged in the same way as the other books on this list, this biography uncovers some unbiased truths that the LDS church certainly doesn't advertise. With doctrines silently and retroactively inserted into the published form of scriptures and records to smooth out the stormy, haphazard development, early church leaders changed the nature of Smith's original non-hierarchical organization and created a bureaucratic business model that is still around today. — Midgley Listen to recording: MP3 Right-click (cntrl-click for ... Read More → I really liked Nibley’s talk, he did a good job explaining those negative words. They never did fall away. natalie_schaerr. Joseph Knight In the Book of Mormon, the immortal Jesus descends from the sky and teaches an American people the Lord’s Prayer. Gravity. While neither side claims to be associated with the other, the links are clear to any objective observer. Small sections on the falsness of the Book of Mormon, Brigham Young, Joseph Smith and the lack of credibility surrounding the mormon church. Royal Skousen, Calendars (Solar, Lunar, Seasons, Jewish), sites that talk about the mysteries of God, How bugs, war, and Ben Franklin’s joke led to Daylight Saving Time, I once had boss who had a book by guy who claimed to be a descendant of Brigham Young and therefore had the inside goods on the Mormons. Anti-Mormon Books — What to Say I’m always surprised when a close friend or a relative, tells me they’re reading a book about Mormons which turns out to be an anti-Mormon book. Six notable anti-Mormon books were published in 1842. These heterodox teachings, and many others like them, appear nowhere in the Book of Mormon. We invite our readers to thoroughly research and investigate our responses. not my fault that truth and reality happened to be anti-mormon. What if I called up my friend — Jewish or other — and I told her I was reading an anti-Semitic book and found it interesting–that I am enjoying it? In fact, pivotal Mormon doctrines are flatly refuted by the Book of Mormon. Match.

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