They did with me also. Halted Streams Camp. The corridor we were in opened up into a large cavern, and on top of a stone structure I saw an elf-like creature, skinny, but it's claws clearly showing against the backlit cave walls. next to that is a hole protruding out the wall. "The only contract I had ready was the Shimmermist Cave problem. I know exactly what creature this is. Note that two locations yield unique items: ShimmerMist Cave This location has items specifically designed to kill Falmer and Chaurus. Post: "Constant crashing in Shimmermist Cave so I ran the papyrus log; what info can be extricated from this?" in Shimmermist. Trouble in Skyrim (from Farkas). ShimmerMist Cave. PC Classic - Help. For these quests you'll need to kill somebody, usually in a fort or a lair. Shimmermist Cave The Forsaken Cave is located almost due east of Whitewatch Tower, near the Shrine of Talos. CTD Around Shimmermist Cave and Fellglow Keep - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Exactly what the title says: I was fine around Shimmermist and Fellglow Keep up until I finished the Torygg's War Horn quest where you had to place the war horn at the Shrine of Talos. ... something weird in shimmermist cave when you go in the cave, cross a lake into the next room, there should be a space where there are 3 dead bandits. You would know as well, if you would search trough the Shimmermist Cave. Skyrim Shimmermist Cave CTD on area/enterance load - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Hi Folks I need some help. The problem is anytime I get near the area I immediatly CTD (crash to desktop). Here is my load order though just in case anyone needs … This is the place where I will keep up with the adventures of my first Skyrim character; Gwenneth Gut-Ripper. There are many Glowing Mushrooms and Chaurus Eggs to be found. Examples include killing the Falmer leader at Shimmermist Cave and killing the hagraven leader at Serpent's Bluff Redoubt. For these quests you'll need to kill somebody, usually in a fort or a lair. Hence I'm ruling out the possibility that my mods are the culprit. Falmer Frenzy Poison: Frenzy up to level 99 Only thing I could think was f*** my life. specifically for the game The Elder Scrolls. For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do I beat the boss in the shimmermist cave? Thank you guys for your time! Planning to make unique movesets for some unique weapons as well. Swindler's Den. Silent Moons Camp. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC . The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Chaurus Frenzy Poison: Frenzy up to level 99. Too soon? Edit: Might have been a bug, but Companions once sent my level 6 character there. Kodlak had wanted me to sort it out, but told me yesterday to offer it to her instead," Farkas shrugged. i use aura whisper, and i see there's a dude inside. Friday, December 2, 2011 (31) - Shimmermist Cave - Journal entry - Morndas 14th of Hearthfire 4E201. Trouble in Skyrim.. kil the Falmer leader. Some locals were reported to be going missing. Concistent CTD near Shimmermist Cave. I made this mod because I felt limited with the moves in Skyrim and wanted to make each weapon feel unique and have multiple ways of swinging. Chaurus Insecticide: 10 damage for 20 seconds. "Shimmermist? That's quite the problem to test a whelp with," he remarked casually. Shimmermist cave entrance Well, I soon found out it wasn't. Improving my Breton Nightblade; Ultra Modded Skyrim: Relocate to External Harddrive for Stability? Have fun reading! Shimmermist Cave is a Cave on a small mountain NorthEast of Whiterun. ... you can lure the falmer spellcaster away from the dwarven ruin and farther into the cave and kill him there then cheese the centurion with arrows/spells in the hallway leading to the dwarven ruin. I'm very sorry I did, but I then used god mode because I couldn't get past them. ". Most notable is the Shrine of Talos that you would be given a Quest from the Queen to return her dead husbands horn to the shrine. Other useful information about this game: [NSFW] SLIF mods not changing body scales. It is a falmer cave which can be discerned by the Falmer Totem outside and also contains chaurus.